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Financial services

Definition: A company or organization that provides financial services is able to help you do things such as make investments or buy a pension or mortgage.

* All twelve elements should be in.

1. Purposeful and necessary.

2. Registered and regulated adequately.

3. Gives help or assistance timely or promptly.

4. Renders full, comprehensive, detailed assistance.

5. Secures, protects, safeguards your best interests at all times.

6. Its current portfolio will reflect sound investment decisions.

7. Fulfils all its obligations as required by the law.

8. Gives only sensible guidance or lawful advice.

9. Its charges will be moderate and reasonable.

10. Manned by professionals able to see the potentials in a deal, the small prints in an agreement, the lacuna in an idea, the strings in an offer, etc.

11. Will be willing and ready to provide client (= you) with all the information that you may need, concerning its ownership, interests, partners, if any, etc., especially before you take a final decision.

12. Serves purpose(s), as hoped for, whatever this/these is/are, while able to, hopefully, perform its corporate social responsibility.

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