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Feeding of the five thousand

Definition: (usually - the Feeding of the Five Thousand) A situation in which a lot of people need to be given food.

* All nine elements should be in.

1. Purposeful and necessary to feed multitude.

2. People are hungry and/or indicated a desire for food.

3. An indication will be provided for the people that food will be available. That is, no one will depart place, in search of food elsewhere. In other words, the number that will be fed will not be one human being less than the 'entirety' (not feeding of the 4,999!).

4. No condition will be attached or expected to be fulfilled, for the food that will be provided, either before or after eating meal.

5. Quality of the food will be excellent. That is, ingredients and cooking will be right - no fear of food poisoning, stomach upset, etc.

6. Serving or helping, that is, quantity of food given, for each person will be considered adequate, even if no person is full, or filled to 'the brim', after eating.

7. Food will be provided on time, however transported or conveyed to where meal would be eaten (where applicable).

8. Crowd will depart after food is had. That is, no waiting by the people who have been fed, until they are hungry again, awaiting another or the next meal.

9. Needed provision will serve purpose(s).

See perfect RATION (2).

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