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Famine (2)


i. Extreme scarcity of food.

ii. Starvation.

* Can be caused by one, few, some or all elements below.

1. Lack or insufficiency of money or purchasing power.

Below the Line
1. Not enough farms and/or farmers and/or farmhands/labourers.

2. Weather of/for the preceding and/or current season or period was/is inclement or inappropriate.

3. No preservation or storage facility, if applicable.

4. Possibly, the nationís, personís or groupís priorities are/were wrongly set, in terms of food preservation or agriculture.

5. Food aids (drops, handouts, trade concessions, etc.) from the international community, where applicable, are/were neither available nor sufficient. Or benevolent supplies are mismanaged.

See perfect FOOD SECURITY.

further below the line

1. No enough rainfall.

2. Bad infertile soil.

See perfect RECLAMATION (2).

much further below the line

1. Absence or insufficiency of reserve in agricultural products.

2. Absence or insufficiency of reserves in foreign exchange.

3. Lack of appropriate technology (genetically modified foods can come to the rescue !).


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