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Extrication (2)

Definition: Success in freeing someone or something from a place where they are trapped or caught.

* All eight or nine elements should be in.

1. Purposeful and necessary to get person or thing freed.

2. Appropriate authorization, where required, will be obtained.

3. No unnecessary damage or destruction will occur in the process.

See perfect FASTNESS.

4. Making the person or thing free happens at an auspicious time.

5. Who or what is freed will not pose an immediate threat to rescuer.

6. The efforts involved in securing freedom will not be an overkill.

See perfect POUNCE.

7. Beneficiary appreciates the effort made to get him/her/it released.

8. Relevant follow-up action to sustain freedom, is taken afterwards.

9. No unplanned loss, etc. will be suffered by who or what helps.

See perfect ESCAPOLOGY.

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