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Expulsion (4)


i. A depriving of membership (of a school, political party, etc).

ii. To eject by force, forced out.

* All five elements above the line should be in.

1. Purposeful and considered necessary - naturally or deliberately.

2. Justifiable or defensible, if need be.

3. Happens to the right or proper thing or person; not to something or someone in error.

4. Right quantity (if applicable).

5. Occurs at the appropriate time, when the purpose(s) can be fully achieved.

See perfect BAD BEHAVIOUR.
Below the Line
1. Person or thing cannot ordinarily get back into where expelled from, unless it was designed or agreed for him/her/it to return there (to emphasize).

2. Act serves purpose(s) or achieves goal(s).

... UNDESIRABLE(S) ! [See perfect READMISSION (1).]

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