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Definition: A brave, exciting or interesting act.

* All eight elements should be in.

1. Act is not an illegality or immorality.

2. Not embarked upon as a result of force, threat, etc.

3. Not dangerous, even if it has some elements of risks.

4. Beneficial and useful to the person(s) involved, even if there was no certainty about its possible outcome in the beginning.

5. Entertaining, 'fun' and inspirational for the participant(s) and onlooker(s), if any.

6. Normally complex or complicated, challenging and/or exhilarating.

7. Lasts for a considerable period of time, that is considered appropriate, to have desired impact or effect.

8. No unplanned loss, negative after effects or fallout from the very 'enjoyable' activity.

See perfect FAINT-HEARTED.

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