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Definition: The quality of being excessive (= greater than what seems reasonable or appropriate).

* All six elements should be in.

1. Purposeful and necessary for state to be sustained or retained with no attempt at returning to a reasonable or an appropriate. MORE.

2. Being greater will be easily rationalized or defended. That is, condition can be explained for an understanding to be had. MOST.

3. The impact of what's in excess will be specific and identifiable, whether liked or disliked, encouraging or discouraging. HIGHER.

4. Extent of greatness will be measurable and/or assessable and confirmed or certified as more then normal or regular. HIGHEST.

5. Being excessive will not ordinarily cause a disadvantage or bring about an unplanned loss, even if disapproved or condemned. MUCH.

6. The condition that what has quality is in serves purpose(s), as exactly hoped or planned for (to emphasize, connect to #5). OPTIMAL.

Applauded or derided.

See perfect SYCOPHANCY.

'Alien' or natural.

See perfect SIZE (2).

Legal or unauthorized.


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