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Excess baggage

Definition: Bags, cases, etc., taken on to a plane that weigh more than the amount each passenger is allowed to carry without paying extra.

* All eight elements should be in.

1. Purposeful and necessary for passenger/traveller.

2. There is an awareness that weight is excess (to emphasize).

3. Contents are declared and have passed through security checks. Therefore bag, etc. is safe to be put on board.

4. Cases, etc. have been appropriately tagged.

5. Extra weight is paid for! (See definition.)

6. The total of all the extras or additions is not more than what will top maximum allowable weight, that will make plane unsafe to be taken to the skies (connect to #4).

7. Contents of bag, etc. is not damaged during flight/transportation.

8. Cases, etc. are claimed, on arrival, at destination(s).

See perfect OVERWEIGHT (2).

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