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Exact science


i. If you say that a particular activity is not an exact science, you mean that there are no set rules to follow or it does not produce very accurate results.

ii. A science such as physics, in which data can be obtained by direct measurement and can be treated mathematically, under simple conditions of physical control.

* All six elements should be in.

1. No formula or guideline in situation. And the fundamentals, if any, will have a quality of fluidity - easily changing or altered.

2. No restrictions or bounds will exist to limit what can be used or how the realization of an objective can be achieved (to emphasize).

3. No excuse or rationalization for disorganization, disorder or error, incorrectness - as no one can be right under the circumstance.

4. Valuable or scarce minutes or hours would not be wasted, trying to establish a 'normalcy' or attain an accuracy. That is, an awareness, in good time, of the nature of the thing, will be had by those involved.

5. Conclusions or deductions, permutations or predictions, etc. that will be drawn or made concerning activity will not be unpredictable.

6. No sanction or penalty, reward or honour, etc. will be meted out or given to the persons involved, for being 'unruly' or 'inaccurate'.

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