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Eve (3)
EVE (3)

Definition: (Bible) The first woman, created by God to be the wife of Adam. (Genesis 2: 21 & 22; Genesis 3: 20.)

* All six elements were in.

1. Considered by the Creator, that she would have and know the purpose of, and necessity for, her existence - to be a helpmeet.

2. Sinless at creation, before the disobedience. (To emphasize.)

3. Was not submissive to the Almighty; allowed the serpent to beguile her which led to the eventual expulsion of 'man' from the Garden.

4. Was the most beautiful woman that first lived, in Adam's eyes.

5. Had the quality of womanliness - not a women's libber, was a pro-life campaigner, so could not have aborted; did not have a miscarriage.

6. (Reserved.) (Served purpose(s)(?), only because Adam had no other!)

See perfect GARDEN OF EDEN.


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