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Escort (2)

Definition: (formal or old-fashioned) A person, especially a man, who takes somebody to a particular social event.

* All ten elements should be in.

1. Purposeful (to emphasize, see definition).

2. Considered a necessity, in the opinion of the generality of especially those who will be at event, to have a guest, etc. escorted by someone to the particular do.

3. Man was never previously a persona non grata in the place that event would take or takes place.

4. Man is generally, always sociable (good mixer), warm (friendly male) and helpful (nice person).

5. Has the highest level of personal hygiene - no sweaty armpits, no halitosis, no ... .

6. Man is physicality fit to stay all through event's duration.

7. Well-behaved all through the period activity lasts. That is, knows the social etiquette, protocols, etc. required for occasion.

8. Serves purpose(s) as exactly hoped for by the person he is escorting. (Connect to #7.) And will not assume a status or title that is not his!

9. Will return, safely, with his company, to the point or place from where they departed for event.

10. Will not try to take advantage of acquaintanceship to establish an unwelcome permanent relationship afterwards, especially if ... . That is, this man is the quintessential gentleman.

See perfect ARM CANDY.

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