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Engagement ring

Definition: A ring that a man gives to a woman when they agree to get married.

* All nine elements would be in.

1. Purposeful and necessary, as a result of culture, tradition, fashion, craze, belief, etc.

2. Very fine and most beautiful, especially in the opinion (= 'eyes') of the wearer (= fiancee), whether presented on bended knees or sent by post!

3. Agreement is one that is voluntarily entered into by the two persons involved, before presentation of jewellery!

4. Material is as desired - gold, diamond, emerald, etc., - or as chosen by the woman, and will not cause an allergy for her skin or finger.

5. Size is appropriate for lady's finger, especially if given as a surprise. That is, it will be comfortable on the finger when worn.

6. (Reserved.) (Not cheap, in her estimation! He conspires, with her best friend, if necessary, and ensures that she gets exactly what she wants!!)

7. Once given and received, it is permanently worn, and visible, except ... (connect to #2, #5 & #8).

8. Ring achieves objective(s) - hopefully wards off the 'ugly frogs', enhances her stature, reputation, confidence, etc.

9. Woman will honour the agreement. That is, she will not elope afterwards with another (richer? more handsome?) man or ask to be disengaged! In other words, there will never be a need to return ring to the giver (= poor/foolish man?!).



See perfect CONCUBINAGE (1).

Quote: "First there's the promise ring, then the engagement ring, then the wedding ring... soon after... comes the suffe.ring". - Jay Leno.

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