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Emotional capital

Definition: (business) When people refer to the emotional capital of a company, they mean all the psychological assets and resources of the company, such as how the employees feel about the company.

* Reference should have all five elements considered:

1. Specific and identifiable - loyalty, commitment, dedication, etc.

2. Measurable and/or assessable - patronage, customer service, etc.

3. Real or realistic, and believed adequate and reasonable - trade unionism, employment terms and conditions, employee engagement, etc.

4. 'Assets and resources' can be improved or enhanced or made better - pay rise, perks or bonuses, promotion openings, bonus issues, etc.

5. Constant and permanent. That is, feeling will be positive and good, and be on for as long as employees are in company's payroll - equal opportunities, insurance, humanitarianism, respect for the environment and sustenance of the ecosystem, and much more.


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