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Definition: A person who embezzles (= steals money that he or she is responsible for or that belongs to his or her employer).

* All ten elements would be in.

1. Deliberately takes money (to emphasize).

2. Has a purpose and need - not necessarily a defence!

3. Has no self-confidence to ask for assistance (loan) or to demand a help (donation).

4. Incompetent and lazy - cannot work harder to earn more pay, secure a promotion or an elevation, obtain a bonus or reward, or ..., etc.

5. (Reserved.) (Will not hinder an investigation into missing or stolen money, where applicable.)

6. Will be embarrassed or shy to admit source of ill-gotten wealth.

7. Does something good with stolen money.

8. Never caught, exposed, disgraced, etc. by the law, employer or owner, especially if known or suspected as the thief.

9. Person will never admit offence or crime, especially to the duped person/party.

10. Carries a guilty conscience for a very long time, ... miserable, until and unless he or she confesses.


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