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Embassy (3)

Definition: The office or functions of an ambassador.

* All ten elements would be in.

1. Purposeful and necessary to have duty or role.

2. Nation being represented is rightly recognized.

3. Its address or the responsibilities will be specific and identifiable, and also measurable and/or assessable.

4. Ambassador or ambassadress will have a counterpart or colleague, from the host country, in home country.

5. Well-organized or clearly and formally defined.

6. Adequately funded or appropriately trained for.

7. Will not be located in a failed state (an office) or contradict local and international laws (the functions).

8. (Reserved.) (Not to be desecrated or shirked! That is, office or functions won't be used to aid enemy of host state).

9. Covered fully by applicable diplomatic immunity.

10. Serves purpose(s); achieves stated objective(s).


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