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Emancipation (2)

Definition: Freedom from political, moral, intellectual or social restraints offensive to reason or justice.

* All six elements should be in.

1. Purposeful and necessary for who becomes free.

2. Secured or obtained through a fight or struggle.

3. Occurs or happens 'early' enough, with some considerable period of time still available to enjoy liberty.

4. Who gets freedom (and better understanding) does not use advantage to manipulate, brainwash, etc. some other.

5. Sustained for life. That is, freedom will be total.

6. Achieves goal(s); giving a sense of release and peace.

See perfect FREE SPIRIT.

POLITICAL (revolution, enfranchisement, etc.)

[See perfect VOTER.]

MORAL (self-examination, self-discipline, self-awareness, etc.)

[See perfect SCHIZOPHRENIC.]

INTELLECTUAL (research and publication, study and report, etc.)

[See perfect PLAGIARISM.]

SOCIAL (reform, alignment, cooperation, etc.)

[See perfect SENSE OF DIGNITY.]

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