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Element (1)

Definition: [ ~ (in/of something) ] A necessary or typical part of something.

* All nine elements would be in.

1. Purposeful and needed.

2. Specific and identifiable.

3. Part is measurable and/or assessable.

4. (Reserved.) (Part is authorized or approved, where applicable.)

5. Part exists or is present for the lifetime of the 'principal'. Or its 'strength' or 'power' lasts through the 'active life' of the principal, replaceable or irreplaceable.

6. Part makes the thing effective and complete (To emphasize.)

7. Part is enclosed or included or attached ..., not separated or restricted or ... .

8. Part is 'alive', functional, reliable: useful or usable.

9. Serves purpose(s), whatever this/these is/are.


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