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Electoral register

Definition: (in Britain) The official list of people who have the right to vote in a particular area.

* All thirteen elements should be in.

1. Purposeful and necessary.

2. Persons on list are eligible, by way of nationality, age, residency, etc. to register.

3. Details in document - name, age, occupation, sex, address, etc. - are correct.

4. Information on register is complete. That is, the full particulars of ward, district, municipality, county, etc. are on the list.

5. Does not contain the name of a person below the voting age - as at the time voting is due (to emphasize).

6. Clear and legible. That is, list is not mutilated or defaced.

7. (Reserved.) (List was displayed before election for notification, and for objections and observations to be raised.)

8. Displayed conspicuously at the correct polling booth or unit on election day - not at a fake centre!

9. No previously duly registered name is missing from the list on polling day. (To emphasize, connect to #6 & #7.)

10. No deceased is on list. Or no person uses a deceased's card!

11. Compilation of list was done by the physical presence or appearance of prospective voters.

12. Number on the list is not more than the allowable maximum number of voters for area.

13. Serves purpose(s), that is, election holds! And the votes count!!

See perfect RIGGING (2).

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