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Earth mother (2)

Definition: (informal) A woman who seems very suited to being a mother.

* All three elements should be in.

1. Has special 'maternal' qualities.

a. Loving, kind and baby-friendly. And ever willing to babysit!

b. Good manager of materials and resources.

c. Worldly and/or street-wise.

d. Has a high level of personal hygiene.

e. Will cooperate with the man who will impregnate her, concerning welfare of the (yet-to-be born) child.

f. Will not be envious of child, especially if female, and who grows up to have an Electra complex. Or desirous of, or pliant to, son, if he grows up and develops an Oedipus complex.

g. Looks forward to being pregnant and delivering her bundle of joy.

h. Loves or loved her own mother.



See perfect SUITABILITY.

2. Has unique abilities.

a. Great culinary skills.

b. Emotional but strong-willed in a reasonable way.

c. Self-disciplined, like my sweet mother.

d. Prayerful; other-worldly.

e. Gifted with a sixth sense.

f. Can easily and readily make sacrifice for child's sake.

g. Has personal or self-worth. That is, will never think of suicide!

h. Already treats other babies, infants, kids, etc. as if her own.




3. Has peculiar characteristics.

a. Always attentive with a constant presence of mind.

b. Fit, healthy and physically strong.

c. Not physically challenged in a serious way to affect mobility.

d. Busty with an ability to lactate.

e. Has the strength of character that can withstand the pressures that come with motherhood.

f. Can and will bear hardship and/or cope with difficulties.

g. Not a participant in a surrogate pregnancy arrangement.

h. Will love and choose child before herself, parent(s) or spouse!




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