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Dynamite (4)


i. A thing that is likely to cause a violent reaction or a lot of trouble.

ii. (informal) If you describe a piece of information as dynamite, you think that people will react strongly to it.

* All eight elements would be in.

1. The thing or information with negative likelihood will be easily understandable or clearly understood by the concerned parties.

2. The eventual impact, projected fallout or expected outcome or end result of thing or information will ordinarily be far-reaching.

3. Predictability of the certainty of outcomes will be assured.

4. It will be easy to further expatiate, transfer, transmit, communicate, propagate, etc. the thing or info to a wider audience.

5. The thing or information will be completed or concluded.

6. A cancellation or withdrawal, an annulment or renunciation, etc. concerning thing or information will not be possible at the time.

7. Thing cannot be tolerated or condoned, disguised or embellished, disregarded or discarded, etc. and information will not be stale for reaction to be muted, or considered unjustifiable, or make violence to result in a sense of deja vu.

8. No questioning or explanation will be required in situation. Or an answer or a response, if any, that will be provided in case of an inquiry or query, will be annoying and unsatisfactory.



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