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Dynamite (2)

Definition: A thing that is likely to cause a violent reaction or a lot of trouble.

* All eight elements would be in.

1. Purposeful, whether thought necessary or unnecessary.

2. Accessible and/or reachable, near (close) or far (distant).

3. Controversial or brings about polarized reactions.

4. Not finally settled in law. Or the instruments of the law are not capable of exercising effective control over thing.

5. Has a consequence, especially when likelihood or tendency occurs or is brought to bear on thing.

6. Alive and active, present and sensitive. That is, thing cannot be wished away, avoided or destroyed.

7. Draws only extreme emotions from those who will react to it.

8. Reaction or trouble can or will result only in losses, not gains, for the people or things directly involved (connect to #5).

See perfect ABORTION (1).

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