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Driving (1)
Driving (1)

Definition: The way that somebody drives a vehicle; the act of driving.

* All four elements should be in.

1. Purposeful and necessary to drive in particular way, with a licence or provisional permit. (Not without an authorization!). Put on your seat belt !

see perfect ROAD SENSE.

2. With full focus or attention on the road and activity.

a. No leg(s) on the dashboard or door or seat or ...

b. No 'typing' or writing or answering a phone or ...

c. No rubbernecking or ...

d. No 'fixing' a problem on passenger or back seat.

e. No searching for something in your pocket, the glove box, door pocket, etc.

f. No using side or rear view mirror for a makeup/beauty activity/routine.

g. No taking a 'sip' of a drink - and not under the influence.

h. Response to a strange noise or to an emergency is prompt and appropriate (= reduce speed, indicate, branch off, stop).

i. No absence of mind or memory loss or dizziness or ...

j. Drive as if your loved ones or family were in the other car !




see perfect FRAME OF MIND.

3. No 'experimentation' or 'trial' while behind the wheels. That is, no trying, without a justification, to find out how fast car will go, what functions a 'strange' button will perform, etc., etc.

a. No dare - not the law (Police!) or the road hog (situation) or the passenger ('loony'), if any, with you.

b. No heroics (connect to #3'a' & 'c').

c. No trying to confirm repairs earlier made, such as wheel balancing or alignment, by taking hands off the steering!

d. No adjustment of headrest or steering or leg space or pedal or sunroof!

e. No competition with other road users, especially other drivers, ... unless activity is a racing event.

f. No misuse of horn (disturbance), size (intimidation), siren (harassment), lights or flashlights (inconvenience), etc.

g. No 'checking' or testing for vehicle's 'reaction time'!

h. No disregard of the instructions given in the vehicle users manual. And of the instructions learned in the 'driving school', especially in an emergency.

i. There is a complete obedience of all traffic rules and regulations, unless otherwise directed by the appropriate traffic and emergency official(s), ... in a crisis situation.

j. Drive slowly, ... to live longer !




see perfect ROAD RAGE.

4. Act achieves objective(s), with or without a destination, whatever the distance covered, whichever car is being driven.


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