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Definition: The act of drinking alcohol.

* All twelve elements would be in.

1. Purposeful and necessary (connect to #2).

2. Act is voluntarily, willingly undertaken or done.

3. What is to be drunk is seen or known, for sure, even if taken with the eyes closed, poor (cheap) or rich (quality) brew.

4. Senses of the drinker are working, and especially the sense of taste is, in order.

5. Not against an advice, especially a medical or nutritional advice. And not against a law! (If applicable.)

6. Quantity taken in is comfortable. That is, the mouthful is considered right.

7. Mouthful is retained for the period desired (connect to #3 & #4).

8. No spillage of what has been taken into mouth.

9. What is in the mouth is swallowed (to emphasize, connect to #7).

10. No regurgitation or throw up afterwards.

11. Act achieves objective(s) or serves purpose(s).

12. No unplanned loss occurs to person who drinks or drank.

See perfect TRANSPLANT (1).

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