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Dribs and drabs

Definition: (phrasal verb) (informal) If people or things arrive in dribs and drabs, they arrive in small numbers over a period of time rather than arriving all together.

* All nine elements should be in.

1. Purposeful and necessary, especially if manner is deliberate.

2. People or things can arrive or be made to arrive at the same time.

3. Persons or things will arrive in the state or condition desired.

4. Piecemeal arrival will bring no loss, planned or unplanned.

5. The persons or objects arriving will be the right people or things, whole and complete, without 'appendages' or attachments. And all will eventually arrive, within the assigned time.

6. Arrival will be at the expected moments and the people or things will remain, or be present, after appearance, for the period desired or planned for.

7. Togetherness or coexistence, sustainability or longevity, of the people or things, will not be threatened by who or what arrives.

8. The order of arrival (if applicable) will be as designed or approved, or as programmed or requested. (To emphasize.)

9. Manner of arrival will achieve objective(s) or serve purpose(s).

See perfect INUNDATION (1).

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