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Definition: The quality of being easy to control.

* All six elements would be in.

1. Person or animal has full faculties. That is, who or what is docile has a capacity to reason, react, talk, move, smell, etc. In other words, the senses and mind are in excellent conditions.

'SIT DOWN'. (See perfect EASINESS (1).)

2. Person or thing has no real opinion of their own - no perspective or standpoint, and can, therefore, not be dispirited or discouraged, or even afraid of frightened!

... now, 'STAND UP'. (See perfect CONTROL (2).)

3. Who or what has quality will not have a goal or an objective, value or standard, drive or desire, dream or aspiration, etc.; no reputation to protect, no risk to dare.

'GO AWAY'. (See perfect RIFF-RAFF.)

4. Considers nothing important or vital, not time or space, etc.; can therefore, suffer no loss, disappointment, disgrace, deprivation, etc. And won't be bothered or moved by name-calling, talking-to, etc.

'COME BACK' ..., now ! (See perfect SLAVE (1).)

5. Never complains or protests, despairs or grumbles, etc.; will not express anger or frustration and will not demand a renegotiation, right, etc. And craves no recognition or influence. That is, person or thing is permanently happy, content with his or her station.

'TAKE, QUIET'. (See perfect DOORMAT (2).)

6. Easiness is not in expectation of a benefit or reward or an advantage in the future. That is, quality is not exhibited, displayed or shown to achieve a particular purpose.

'SHIT' 'FCUK'. (See perfect QUIETISM.)

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