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Definition: The act of deterring (someone) by persuasion not to do something.

* All nine elements would be in.

1. Purposeful and considered necessary by who tries to persuade.

2. Process commences timely to help achieve objective(s), whatever method or means adopted in trying to accomplish the persuasiveness.

3. No physicality or use of force will be involved in the process.

4. No threat or blackmail will be used in attempt. And no deadline or illegality, imprecation or curse, etc. will be employed as a strategy.

5. No appeasement or promise, sop or deal-making, etc. will occur.

6. Benefits or prospects and risk or danger in doing thing will be disclosed to who is being persuaded; try will be with sincerity.

7. Some advantage or head start, a benefit or gain, etc., will be expected or envisaged by who attempts to persuade another to not do.

8. Continues for a reasonable duration and also concluded timely.

9. Intention will not be confusing to be misunderstood and assurances will not be discounted. That is, act will achieve goal(s) in the end.


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