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Definition: A state or the situation of not showing respect to somebody or something.

* All seven elements would be in.

1. An issue or some issues will be responsible for the (mis)behaviour.

2. Sufferer will not be considered as deserving of ill-treatment or maltreatment as he or she would have done all that was required.

3. Who disrespects would have taken things for granted - will not be expecting a sanction or retaliation, condemnation or telling-off, etc.

4. It will not be easy for the disrespected party to overlook or overcome, forget or forgive the 'agony' or 'hurt' experienced.

5. The pain or sorrow will be obvious and realized by others, if any. But this will not be possible to immediately 'avenge' - outrage and anger will be managed - and won't be withdrawn or apologized for later - remorse or penitence does not exist - by who disrespects.

6. Senselessness will not be justifiable or defensible, even if some self-interest is served by who displays the very bad behaviour.

7. There will be no expectation that a favour or an assistance will be demanded or requested, by the scornful party, from the 'victim', in the future.


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