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Disconnection (2)

Definition: The act of officially stopping the supply of telephone lines, water, electricity or gas etc. to a building.

* All eight elements should be in.

1. Purposeful and necessary to stop supply.

2. Authorized or approved, as necessary (see definition).

3. There is a basis - bill outstanding/unpaid, due repairs or maintenance, emergency or routine check, etc.

4. Notification, evacuation, etc. as applicable, is given or done, before actual stoppage takes place.

5. Act is performed timely (connect to #6).

6. No damage or unplanned loss arises from the situation. And act is done effectively and efficiently.

7. Act achieves objective(s).

8. Reconnection can be made on completion of repairs, payment of bill, disappearance of danger, etc.

See perfect DISCONNECTION (1).

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