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Disadvantaged (2)

Definition: (usually - the disadvantaged) People who are disadvantaged (= who do not have the things, such as education, or enough money, that people need in order to succeed in life).

* All six elements would be in.

1. Particular group of people are paying a penalty for an error, a mistake or an oversight.

2. Knows what they did wrong and individually or collectively, and voluntarily admitted same.

3. A serious loss, inconvenience, embarrassment, etc. will be suffered or faced during the period that situation lasts.

4. An opportunity to make up or rectify situation will be available or can be sought, with the application of the right effort, a fight or campaign, protest or struggle, etc., by who is with disadvantage.

5. The advantage desired lies or resides with another person or other persons, however they got it - through cunning, use of force, taking advantage of the law, etc. (To emphasize, connect to #4.)

6. The wherewithal to make an attempt will be possessed, even if a try is not made by these people holding the short end of stick.


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