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Dilemma (1)

Definition: A situation which makes problems, often one in which you have to make a very difficult choice between things of equal importance.

* All seven elements should be in.

1. No prioritization can be made in the situation.

2. None of the probable gain can be forgone; no favourite.

3. Crisis, danger, loss, etc. will be the sure outcome of an indecision or a procrastination.

4. Circumstances or considerations are not favourable - no concession, hint or clue, time extension, etc. And Mother Nature does not get involved in the matter to offer succour or provide a solution.

5. No rationalization can be done - no reasoning, deductions or conclusions, etc. can be arrived at now.

6. A decision must be made, by a gamble - toss of coin, etc.; situation cannot be escaped!?

7. The feeling, after a decision is taken, is or will be as if the wrong choice was made. That is, some doubt, reservations, etc. will arise immediately after situation is passed.

... NOT A CATCH-22.

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