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Development (2)

Definition: The process of producing or creating something new or more advanced; a new or advanced product.

* All nine elements would be in.

* This is about the (a) process.

1. An idea or brainwave occurs. Or a proposal is presented. Or a task or an order is received. Or a formula, code, etc., is discovered, etc.

2. Decision is made to explore possibilities. Or compliance with directives is decided, as necessary.

3. A study, assessment, analysis, examination, etc. of thought, prototype, model, etc. takes place.

4. Appropriate proposition, planning, arrangement, etc. is made to pursue dream or to promote task. That is, a motivation or an inspiration sets in.

5. Actual creation (= building, construction, assembly, coupling, redevelopment, etc.) is started and/or continued.

6. Test runs, experimentation, trials, comparisons, etc., are properly conducted. And a relevant review, redesign, etc., will be made, where necessary.

7. Approval, endorsement, registration, certification, etc. of newly developed or better improved product is secured.

8. (Reserved.) (Product's by-product, fallout, side effect, etc., if any, are treated appropriately.)

9. An unveiling, a presentation, disclosure, release, etc. of the newly finished or advanced product will be timely made.

See perfect INVENTION (2).

See perfect PROJECT (1).

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