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Determination (2)

Definition: The process of deciding something officially.

* All eleven elements should be in.

1. Purposeful (connect to #2).

2. Considered necessary to officially decide thing.

3. Matter is received and acknowledged, on being brought up.

4. Issue is referred or assigned to the appropriate person/party.

5. Thing is dealt or handled, treated or processed, etc. critically and comprehensively, to include visitation, consultation, interview, etc. as necessary.

6. Decision-making process is followed, from start to finish, to the letter!

7. Suggestions, recommendation, etc. are made to the appropriate quarters by who handled the matter.

8. (Initial) conclusions are studied and reviewed by the appropriate superior authority in establishment/organization/institution, etc. And a repeat of consideration is ordered, if necessary!

9. Approval of (final) conclusions and/or recommendations is given by the boss, director, manager, board, commander, head of department, etc. as applicable, whether on being represented or not (connect to #8).

10. Notification and release of official position is made privately (personal letter) or publicly (news conference) to the interested party, at the right time, immediately on conclusion of decision-making process.

11. Response, reaction, fallout, etc., if any, is disposed, handled or treated conclusively. That is, issue is or will be eventually brought to a closure.

See perfect DETERMINATION (1).

See perfect DETERMINATION (5).

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