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Definition: The making of designs.

* All eleven elements should be in.

1. Considered purposeful and necessary by designer.

2. Conceptualized in the head (product is imagined).

3. End user or customer, if any, known & consulted.

4. Concrete steps are put in place to start process.

5. Collection, congregation, etc. of raw materials.

6. Cutting, cannibalization, etc. happens as wanted.

7. 'Coupling', combination, etc. will be completed.

8. Confirmation, test, etc. of products is ensured.

9. Submitted or presented in good time to be useful.

10. Choice(s) produced serves purpose(s), good or bad.

11. Clearly original, never copied or cloned: acceptable.

Cost and costs? Cheap or cut-throat. Realistically.

Cutting edge or complex or casual or ...

Captivating & classical or experimental & innovative; dynamic. Beautifully.

Current. Futuristic. Return to the past.

Customary or cultural or some change agent. Majestically.

See perfect CREATIVITY (1).

See perfect COOLNESS (4).

See perfect COMMONNESS.

See perfect MODERNISM (1).


Quote: "Design isn't an abstraction - it's a direct manifestation of your philosophy and your attitude. That's why people want to see the Web page and look around the office when they are thinking about joining a company. ... How a company chooses to translate its values into design is enormously important". - Rolf Fehlbaum.

Quote: "Don't worry about people stealing your design work. Worry about the day they stop". - Jeffrey Zeldman.

Quote: "To maximise the amount of contact among employees, you really ought to put the most valuable staff members in the centre of the room, where the highest number of people can be within their orbit. Or, even better, put all places where people tend to congregate - the public areas - in the centre, so they can draw from many disparate parts of the company as possible. Is it any wonder that creative firms often prefer loft-style buildings, which have usable centres". - Malcolm Gladwell.

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