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Denial (2)

Definition: [ (a) ~ of something ] A refusal to allow somebody to have something they have a right to expect.

* All nine elements would be in.

1. Purposeful and considered necessary by the person refusing.

2. Refusal is not strictly of an illegality.

3. Person is highly desirous of what he or she is being refused.

4. Thing desperately wanted or needed is not immediately obtainable or cannot be quickly obtained from someone or somewhere else.

5. Refused privilege or right, that is, the thing, once denied, cannot be recouped, recovered or returned to in its full, original and desired form.

6. Person denying another benefits from 'cruelty' and escapes a sanction! (Connect to #8.)

7. Refusal achieves goal(s), whatever this/these is/are (connect to #6, to emphasize).

8. Person denied thing cannot seek a redress or avenge the 'offence'.

9. (Reserved.) (Shattered expectation cannot be made up for!)

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