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Demur (1)


i. (idiomatic - without demur) (formal) Without objecting or hesitating.

ii. An objecting, a protesting.

* All seven elements should be in.

* This is about or on the 'without'.

1. Purposeful and necessary to not object or hesitate.

2. An objection or hesitation would have been understood, even if unwelcome. That is, there is or there could be a ground for an objection or a hesitation.

3. Objective or aim is known, for certain, by the demurring party.

4. Danger or risk, if any, in the (a) situation is known, whether prepared for or not! That is, reservations, fears, etc. that may exists, are put aside.

5. No sign of delay or unwillingness or a thought of postponement.

6. No loss accrues as a result of not objecting or hesitating. Or a loss, if any, is borne with equanimity. And no regrets or complaints afterwards.

7. Act achieves objective(s) or serves purpose(s).


See perfect DEMUR (2).

See perfect PROTEST (1).

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