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Definition: The movement of somebody to a lower position or rank, often as a punishment.

* All seven elements should be in.

1. Purposeful and deliberate, and considered necessary, by the authority effecting downward movement.

2. Movement to a lower rank as punishment is known before the start of an endeavour, as the consequence of a failure, an offence, etc.

3. Assessment, grading, procedures or processes, etc. upon which decision is taken is flawless or faultless. That is, 'down movement' is deserved.

4. Level (= rank, class, etc.) brought down to is appropriate. That is, demoted person can perform or survive in new position. In other words, lesser position that is now occupied is considered as proper.

See perfect RELEGATION (1).

5. Period that will be stayed in new position will be as normal as for the others there, until they satisfy promotion requirement(s). (Connect to #6.)

6. Person demoted can move back up again, if ... . (To emphasize.)

7. A lesson is learned or lessons are learned in the situation. That is, 'step-down' achieves objective(s).

See perfect RANK (2).

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