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Deliverance (1)


i. [ ~ (from something) ] (formal) The state of being rescued from danger, evil or pain.

ii. (literary) Rescue from imprisonment, danger or evil.

* All seven elements should be in.

1. Purposeful to avoid or escape bad situation. That is, something good or positive will be hoped to be done after being rescued.

2. Considered necessary to be delivered. That is, the acts or actions aimed at securing 'freedom' for person or thing, will not be resisted by who or what is to be freed.

3. Imprisonment, evil, danger, pain, etc. was of the severest nature. That is, situation rescued from would only have gotten worse.

4. Happens or occurs timely, when secured release from detention, badness, etc., will still be useful or meaningful.

5. No threat or risk of returning or reverting to previous situation will be faced, from the same source of problem, after rescue. And rescue will be completely unconditional.

6. Who or what is released or rescued will not be abandoned afterwards. That is, appropriate support, assistance, guidance, etc. will be available for saved party.

7. Achieves objective(s), for as long as desired (connect to #1 & #4).

its TOTAL.

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