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Deference (1)


i. Behaviour that shows that you respect somebody/something.

ii. Polite regard for someone else's wishes, ideas, etc.

* All six elements should be in.

1. Purposeful and necessary, whether person/thing is alive or dead!

2. Respect shown is deserved, by the receiver, in your estimation.

3. Measurable and/or assessable. That is, can be seen, heard, felt, etc., as applicable, by the intended recipient and/or the other(s).

4. Measure of respect is appropriate, not one that may be misinterpreted for subservience, patronage, sycophancy, etc.

5. Activities achieve goal(s), whether there are losses, pains, etc. in or from this for you (connect to #6).

6. (Reserved.) (Person or thing being respected will respect himself/herself/itself in return - whether your act/action is acknowledged or not!)


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