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Abstinence (4)

Definition: (formal) The practice of not allowing yourself something, especially food, alcoholic drinks or sex, for moral religious or health reasons.

* All fourteen conditions should be in.

* This is about shag, not alcohol or food!

1. Purposeful (see definition, to reemphasize).

2. No masturbation or self-harm or a DIY!

3. No wet dreams (connect to #4).

4. No undressing him/her with your 'X-rated'/x-ray eyes!

5. No heavy petting (connect to #6).

6. No cunnilingus or fellatio.

7. No pornographic material(s), no striptease, no lap-dancing, no adult movies, etc. (connect to #8).

8. No tarrying in a seedy environment such as a brothel, whorehouse, etc.

9. You are able to be aroused and willing partner(s) is/are available. And you can 'perform', if you have to! (Connect to #10.)

10. Abstention lasts for a substantial length of time - not seconds or minutes or hours or days or weeks; months and years!

11. No medical problem arises as a result of the lack of coitus (to emphasize) (connect to #12).

12. You do not make deliberate effort to make up for 'lost time' when the period of abstention is over.

13. Purpose(s) of 'forced' recess is/are served. That is, you experience a 'renewal' or get better as a direct outcome of period stayed away from him or her (to emphasize, see definition).

14. (Reserved.)

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Quote: "Abstaining is favourable both to the head and the pocket". - Horace Greenley.

Quote: "In this world it is not what we take up, but what we give up, that makes us rich". - Henry Ward Beecher.

Quote: "Moderation is a fatal thing: nothing succeeds like excess". - Oscar Wilde.

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