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Debriefing (1)

Definition: The act or process of asking somebody questions officially, in order to get information about the task that they have just completed.

* All eight elements should be in.

1. Purposeful (connect to #2).

2. Considered a necessity to debrief.

3. Takes place promptly - as in the regulations or immediately when requested by appropriate authority.

4. Brief or report, in appropriate form, is directly and firstly received from who performed and completed task.

5. All relevant questions and clarifications are asked or sought.

6. All questions are answered by person who completed task - truthfully, completely and satisfactorily; with appropriate additional details, evidence, etc., if necessary, being provided.

7. Notes, jottings, etc. are taken by the questioner. And information noted obtained from talks, explanations, etc. are the relevant ones.

8. Act serves purpose(s), whether completed task is repeated or not.


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