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Dealer (1)


i. [ ~ (in something) ] A person whose business is buying and selling a particular product, especially cars, for a particular company.

ii. A person whose business involves buying and selling things.

* All nine elements should be in.

* See perfect tricks of the trade.

1. Has a purpose and considers line of trade a necessity.

2. Registered lawfully and/or formally. And therefore expected to fulfil all legal obligations, possibly giving back to society, and/or performing some corporate social responsibility.

3. Knows all the selling points of product he/she should buy and sell. And aware of all the current and effective marketing strategies such as to be able to add value during discussions.

4. Will not adopt methods that will be blatantly illegal or unlawful.

5. Does not make a loss from transactions, whether buying or selling. And will make reasonable, satisfactory and pleasing profit therefrom.

6. Will have the requisite authority or approval to conduct dealings.

7. Always in control during negotiations - making proposals, rejecting 'counter-offers', etc. That is, person will be in the driver's seat during 'talks'.

8. Will be a member of a relevant trade or labour union, if need be.

9. Achieves goal(s). That is, can turn a potential into profit.



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