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Date (4)
DATE (4) (Romantic, not calendar !)

Definition: A meeting that you have arranged with a boyfriend or girlfriend or with somebody who might become a boyfriend or girlfriend.

* All six elements above the line should be in.

1. Purposeful - acquaintance, shag, fun/outing/pleasure, etc.

2. With full 'senses' intact. That is, voluntarily agreed, not pressured into.

3. Scheduled and holds at a proper place or location of choice.

4. With the right company ('known', not recommended, new or experimental).

5. Commences at the right time.

6. Lasts for the right duration.

See perfect CATCH (6)/See perfect BLIND DATE.
Below the Line
1. Achieves purpose(s) ..., whatever.

See perfect BOYFRIEND (1).

further below the line

1. Can be the first and last. (Date r_ _ _ !)

See perfect GIRLFRIEND (1).

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