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Definition: Moving your body to music.

* All nine elements should be in.

1. Purposeful (to emphasize).

2. Considered appropriate and necessary to 'shake' your body to music. That is, song or music to which you are moving the body is a danceable one!

3. Most parts of the body are involved in the movements. And/or a reasonable degree of coordination or connection exist among the joints, etc. of your body, during movements (= dance).

4. Music being danced to is not heard only in your 'head' !

5. Steps match the beats. That is, style (= dance moves, shuffles, etc.) is not out of sync with rhythm.

6. Commences and lasts for only as long as the music is on. (Connect to #4.)

7. Movement is controlled or controllable - not twitches, involuntary spasms, or a St. Vitus's dance!

8. No injury or wound occurs to part(s) of the body as a direct result of movements.

9. Body movement achieves objective(s).

See perfect REJOICING.

See perfect OVERJOY.

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