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Dance floor

Definition: An area where people can dance in a hotel, restaurant, etc.

* All twelve elements should be in.

1. Purposeful (see definition).

2. Spacious enough for all the dancers.

3. Ambience or environment is convenient for people on it.

4. (Reserved.) (Its walls are in the right state - not wet or damp or freshly painted!)

5. State or condition is as desired - not slippery, rough, wet, uneven or cracked, to be an impediment to cool or 'wicked' moves, by the people dancing.

6. Solidly built or constructed; not likely to fall as a result of weight of dancers (or equipment that may be put on it).

7. Well-lit or has provisions for excellent lighting.

8. Has no single chair or bench or place to rest 'tired' bodies on/in.

9. With an adequate number of easily accessible exits.

10. Appropriately located within the restaurant, hotel, etc. and close enough to the restrooms.

11. Serves purpose(s), as exactly designed for.

12. The surroundings are safe all through the period that place is occupied by revellers.

See perfect NIGHTCLUB.

Quote: "A woman is never old when it comes to the dance she knows". - Seychelles proverb.

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