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Crimp (1)


i. (idiomatic - put a crimp in/on something) (North American English, informal) To have a bad or negative effect on something.

ii. [To put a crimp in] To cramp or hinder.

* All eight elements would be in.

1. Nature of bad or negative will be specific and identifiable.

2. Extent of badness or negativity will be measurable and assessable.

3. Resistance put up to prevent the occurrence yielded nothing.

4. Remedial or corrective action can't be taken at the point in time.

5. No saving grace in the situation; no silver lining anywhere.

6. The losses that would be suffered would be enormous or substantial.

7. Period that 'wrong' circumstance will be present is considerable, leading to much deterioration (weakening) or deep decay (destruction).

8. The aftermath of bad or negative event(s) will be such that cannot be hidden or denied by those who are connected to the thing affected.


See perfect PROCRASTINATION (2).

See perfect HINDRANCE (1).

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