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Definition: (informal) A person with strange or crazy ideas.

* All seven elements would be in.

1. Person sees the ideas as completely, absolutely normal (see perfect STRANGENESS (1)).

2. Person is ordinarily in an excellent mental health or frame of mind at the particular time (see perfect PERVERSION (1)).

3. Ideas are strange or crazy, not illegal or immoral, whether these are previously tested, or executed, or untested. (see perfect LUNATIC (3)).

4. Will be ready, willing and able to attempt what is inside his or her 'odd head' (see perfect SUICIDE BOMBER).

5. Person will not deliberately put his or her life in serious danger as a result of carrying out thoughts. That is, person will not experience an unplanned loss, injury, etc., if particular act or action/inaction is performed (connect to #2, #4 & #6, to emphasize) (see perfect SKIN-DIVING (2)).

6. Ideas are beneficial, if they are tried successfully, particularly for the 'odd one' (see perfect COURAGE).

7. Ideas are never embraced by others, no matter the efforts that will be made to convince, encourage or reward them (see perfect CRAZE).


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