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Control freak

Definition: A person who always wants to be in control of their own and others' lives, and to organize how things are done.

* All nine elements would be in.

1. Purposeful - even if this is not understandable by the others.

2. Will always be in the right frame of mind - never drunk or dizzy or confused! That is, always very conscious and aware of the happenings around.

3. Person knows exactly what he or she wants and how he/she wants things arranged (to emphasize, see definition).

4. Has the wherewithal to fulfil desires. That is, can personally do or fully sponsor what he or she wants others to do - not merely some bossyboots.

5. Commits no illegality in the course of controlling and organizing.

6. Person can make reasonable projections of or accurate predictions about the future (to emphasize).

7. Will use reasonable force, if necessary, to ensure compliance with directive(s) (connect to #9).

8. Person is never challenged or opposed or defied (to emphasize).

9. Achieves goal(s) as hoped for. That is, never gets a thing wrong.

See perfect BACK-SEAT DRIVER (2).

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