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Conservative (2)

Definition: A conservative person (= someone who is opposed to great or sudden social change; showing a preference for traditional styles and values).

* All nine elements would be in.

1. Has a purpose and considers it necessary, and takes position of his or her own freewill.

2. Person fully understands or appreciates the dynamics of the likely or impending changes and/or its consequences.

3. Satisfied with the status quo (= 'crumbs'?), especially if the future change(s) would have been beneficial to this person. That is, never complains or make demands.

4. Person has no real dreams, aspirations and desires (to emphasize). Or is, on the other hand, a dreamer - hoping for manna from above.

5. Does not oppose the proposed new order physically, using force or threat of force, or destroy, damage a thing, injure a person, etc., in order to express disapproval.

6. Person breaks no law in the process of opposing the likely great, sudden impending change(s).

7. Will lose nothing, in his or her opinion, as a result of change(s) failing to happen. (Connect to #3, to emphasize.)

8. Person is unprepared for the probability of change happening. Or finds it extremely difficult to adapt in new circumstances, if and when change occurs, unexpectedly or not.

9. Action(s) taken by this person achieves objective(s), as exactly hoped for and for duration required (connect to #8).


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