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Definition: The act of officially taking something away from somebody, especially as a punishment.

* All ten elements would be in.

1. Purposeful and necessary (to emphasize).

2. (Reserved.) (Not illegal. That is, seizure as a form of punishment is within the ambit of the law, rule/regulations, etc.)

3. No better option in the situation. That is, a provision is not made for other forms of punishment such as a fine, joint use, etc.

4. Person that thing is seized from has a right to, or authorization for, its possession.

5. No injury is sustained and/or inflicted in the process of taking thing.

6. Thing seized is appropriately treated - sale or resale, destruction, use, safekeeping, etc.

7. Item seized is not, or will not be, returned (to emphasize, see definition).

8. No possibility of thing being repossessed through illegal means, by the person it was confiscated from, whether kept close or far away.

9. Thing forcefully taken away has some value or worth in the estimation of the person dispossessed (connect to #8).

10. Action achieves objective(s).

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