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Complication (1)

Definition: A thing that makes a situation more complicated or difficult.

* All seven elements would be in.

1. Thing is not immediately understood (not forever imponderable).

2. Thing is not cooperative. That is, thing is complex and response given by thing will always be inappropriate, whether an important or unimportant thing.

3. Thing never gives a warning. That is, will not be known before its involvement, application or use, that it will make matters worse.

4. Thing is ordinarily unavoidable in the circumstance.

5. Thing will be seemingly okay at the beginning, until it will be too late to avoid difficulty or withdraw from complicated situation (Connect to #3, to emphasize.)

6. The situation or problem is or cannot be improved or solved unless the thing is gotten rid of.

7. (Reserved.) (Solution(s) to the problem(s) created by thing can be found, even if it will involve unexpected costs and unplanned losses.)

... looming CHAOS !

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